What kind of returns can I expect with LevelFields?

We analyzed the average returns from the time we sent an alert from Jan 4, 2023 to Feb 15, 2023. In this time, our system sent out a total of 565 bullish alerts.

Trading Strategies

All types of investors use LevelFields' data, analytics, and alerts to find profitable trades. How you use it is a function of your investing goals and styles. Within our growing member base, there are short-term traders, options traders, and long-term investors.

LevelFields offers 24 event-driven scenarios. Each scenario is a collection of similar events which shows the percent of times events affect share prices in the expected way (win rate) and the average price moves triggered by the event.

The table below shows the top performing scenarios by style.

Users often ask what the returns are following our alerts and how many we send. For some scenarios, there are only a couple events per month. For other scenarios, there may be hundreds of events per month.

We analyzed the average returns from the time we sent an alert from Jan 4, 2023 to Feb 15, 2023. In this time, our system sent out a total of 565 bullish alerts.

The returns are summarized in the tables below.

It's important to note that we report the 1-day impact from events because it's easier to have confidence in a correlation between the stock price and the event over that period. However, many of the events we track are markers for longer term success. For example, a company that adds a new CEO or activist investor can be impacted positively by the addition over the coming months and years. You can read some of our case studies for more information.

LevelFields also allows investors to filter by company financials and sector in order to see if the events affect certain types of companies differently. And they do. Layoffs for example, will affect large, profitable companies positively. But for unprofitable tech companies, the layoffs are view negatively by the market.

In the LevelFields platform, users can create custom filters based on financials to find the exact type of companies they like to invest in and to maximize the outcomes of their investments.

In this way, there is not just one type of return per scenario but multiple, depending on the types of sector and company you select.

These features enable you to determine your ideal trade setup e.g. bull/bear, company size, trade volume, company financials, sector, industry, etc.

Case Studies

VRTV Gains +36% in 10 Weeks

TTD Rises +26% in a Day

Every scenario shows the scenario win rate, average 1-day return, and cumulative return (if you traded every event in the scenario over the period selected).  This metric is measured from the closing price prior to the event to the closing price after the event. It does not include the day high price, which typically occurs prior to the closing price, making the possible returns higher than what is displayed.
Similarly, events do not have to be traded in one day. Certain events are markers for longer term growth (or price destruction) depending on the scenario. Many users will play the inverse off a large price move. Others use the information to expedite research and avoid reading the news.
The 1D returns simply to help users pinpoint how the event typically trades over the close-to-close period, so if they enter in the middle of the price move they can determine how much of the trade may be left. For bearish event, the information can inform if it's worth it to sell.

Our Table View shows the performance of the equities over longer periods of time. The list of stocks can be filtered with a few clicks to determine if company financials or sector impact returns. Averages for the periods are displayed on the platform at the bottom of the Table View, as shown below.

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