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The knowledge and resource gap between institutional investors and retail investors widens each year. We're building the most advanced decision-analytics platform for self-directed investors to level the playing field.

Our Story

Our team has built pioneering AI and language processing technology for government agencies, corporations, and heads of state. This proven technology is being used today for early warning systems, national security, and public health.

Our Inspiration

When the 2020 pandemic prompted unprecedented market volatility, institutional investors saw opportunity in patterns, and profited heavily. We knew we could use AI to expose that “pro” playbook, so that any investor can identify those same patterns.

Our Vision

We are driven to level the playing field for investors who need tools that are simple, transparent, and professional-grade. LevelFields' powerful AI technology is accessible and affordable, so that every investor can realize a vision for financial security.

A bit more about LevelFields™

We are a team of software engineers, linguists, data scientists and entrepreneurs who see the world not as it is, but as it could be. Many of us worked together at a previous company where we built Al systems used by public companies and governments to detect patterns and make quick, strategic decisions. 

We built early-warning systems that identified train derailments, flagged misinformation outbreaks for the National Institutes of Health, and alerted Fortune 500 executives when their stock prices were at risk from reputation damage. We spent many years refining our methods and technologies, and we exited successfully, selling the company to a private equity firm.

When COVID-19 began affecting the stock market in 2020, things got personal. Our friends and family were unsure how to react. We knew that the answer was in data, but realized there was no resource for individual investors that puts event-based data into context. 

Leveraging a decade of industry experience, we created a new Al platform specifically to identify patterns from market altering events so that we can all quickly understand how to react to them. 

LevelFields AI in Action

Every minute of every day, LevelFields' AI does the heavy lifting for our members. The technology screens millions of signals related to over 6,000 stocks, sifting through the noise to find those events that affect prices, and using historical data to expose patterns and put those events into context.

Case Study: Following a short

Before market open on April 6, 2021, LevelFields alerts users of a Short Seller Report on EBON. Based on this scenario's one-month trend in price movements, a trader could buy an 'at the money' put option the same day at $1.03 and sell one month later for a 123% gain.

Case Study: Gamestop. From the start

LevelFields alerts users to an Activist Investor buying stock in GME on Aug. 31, 2020. Based on scenario data showing past 6- to 12-month price gains, a long position is entered the same day. Within 45 days, the stock is up 119%. When the famed short squeeze kicks in a few months later, there are many opportunities to sell at a 1000+% return.

Case Study: New CEO sparks rebound

LevelFields alerts users to the hiring of a new CEO at struggling NTNX. Scenario data trends suggest a rebound over the long-term, and short-term pops under certain conditions. A position entered on the event day at $21 would have enabled a one-day exit at +30%. Investors holding for 3 to 6 months would have enjoyed 30% to 50% returns.

Frequently asked questions

How will LevelFields help me be a better trader?


You already know that events affect stock prices. With LevelFields, you'll be empowered to:

  • Enter trades with greater conviction. When events emerge, you'll have a detailed view of the possible outcomes, both short-term and long-term.
  • Get ahead of the news. Find opportunities BEFORE the big swing, not after-the-fact.
  • Avoid common mistakes, such as buying at peak price, or selling out of fear only to miss a big rally.
  • Be prepared to respond when news strikes your portfolio by viewing possible scenarios in advance.

Why are you sharing this with others?


As you might expect, we get this question a lot. Each subscription helps to improve the application for all of us. Investing is not a winner-take-all game, and making LevelFields available to every investor will help individuals — including ourselves and our own friends and family — achieve their goals faster. We are using the platform to make our own successful trades, and have been reinvesting funds directly into building out new features and scenarios. We have big ambitions for expanding the platform, but we also benefit from the ideas that our subscribers bring for new features and event categories.

How does it work?


Imagine being able to read and study every emerging rumor, news story or report about 6,200 publicly-traded companies, analyze in real-time how similar companies’ stocks have behaved in similar situations, identify the situations with the highest probability of success, and produce a forecast of what will happen next, all in the blink of an eye. That's LevelFields. Processing all that data at lightning speed isn't easy, but that's not the hard part. Doing it accurately is the LevelFields secret. Luckily, we have a collective 40 years of experience in this field. Our proprietary event intelligence engine has been developed specifically for investing and is unavailable anywhere else. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the platform is able to:

  • Detect and categorize specific types of events that affect stock prices
  • Account for context and eliminate duplicates and false positives
  • Pinpoint dates, distinguishing between events that are rumored, planned, in the past, or in the moment
  • Layer on historical stock data to identify patterns and produce actionable investor scenarios

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