The smartest way to invest your money

Artificial intelligence that knows how the market has acted in the past, and predicts with high confidence what will happen when it changes again.
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Our Story

We are tech innovators who got tired of seeing non-professional investors like our friends and family get hurt investing in the stock market.  So we set out to level the investment playing field by giving tools to retail investors that rival those of the pros.

Our Vision

Hedge funds and professional investors spend millions on analysis,  software, and public relations to create an investment edge. We've built a platform for everyday investors that provides a powerful advantage of their own, finally.


The AI tells you what equities performed well in similar situations based on an immense statistical analysis and machine learning derivations of incoming and past market events.


How it works


We predict stock price outcomes of events with up to 94% certainty, without relying on fancy technical chart indicators that are prone to failure when market sentiment changes. We do this by only selecting opportunities that meet our rigorous screening requirements. In this way, less is more.

Cost Effective

Users can recoup the annual cost of this platform in a single trade.  We back up this promise with a money-back guarantee. If you don't instantly see the value, simply cancel and pay nothing. Our goal is to show a pathway of consistent returns with much less risk and cost than mutual funds and indexes that are prone to extreme volatility due to political and macroeconomic factors. 

Portfolio Manager, $75B Hedge Fund

"This will absolutely terrify the traditional buy-side guys"

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We are piloting the software with a limited group of early adopters. Please add your email to join our waiting list, and we'll provide you a free trial when we launch our next cohort.

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