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LevelFields™ Al scours millions of events to reveal outsized investment opportunities for self-directed investors.

Our easy-to-use interface shows patterns of how events affect stock prices so you can invest faster and smarter.

How does it work?

1. Select Event Type

Choose from events such as product and leadership changes, lawsuits, and more.

2. View Price Reactions

Use analytics to determine trade entry and exit points based on event patterns.

3. Set Event Alerts

Let the AI find opportunities based on your desired event types and profits.

Be the First to Know

Get information as it breaks from companies

Monitor events across all sectors

Set alerts based on proven event catalysts

Simplify Your Research

Act on ready-made, high-probability strategies

Refine strategies with robust financial filters

Eliminate the need for tedious charting and reading

Act on Facts, Not Opinions

See the underlying data that drives the investment strategy

Learn what's happened before and is likely to happen again

View market response to rumors, events and periods that follow

Uncover Unique Opportunities

Discover novel stocks and events

Surface patterns across sectors and industries

Capitalize on events with huge short and long-term returns

LevelFields Helps Every Type of Investor


Less Risk, More Certainty — Over 95% of news events don’t significantly affect a company’s stock price. LevelFields' powerful AI engine is a game changer, cutting through the clutter and directing you to the events expected to trigger outsized returns.


Find Winners Earlier — Use LevelFields to find great entry points for long-term gains based on event catalysts. Monitor news, significant events, growth metrics, and upcoming events on stocks you own effortlessly via Watchlists.


Looking for an Edge — You understand technical indicators and see how stocks move. Now LevelFields uncovers why they move by adding external events to your data. You’ll make connections and uncover patterns that were never visible — until now.

Frequently asked questions

How will LevelFields help me be a better trader?


You already know that events affect stock prices. With LevelFields, you'll be empowered to:

  • Enter trades with greater conviction. When events emerge, you'll have a detailed view of the possible outcomes, both short-term and long-term.
  • Get ahead of the news. Find opportunities BEFORE the big swing, not after-the-fact.
  • Avoid common mistakes, such as buying at peak price, or selling out of fear only to miss a big rally.
  • Be prepared to respond when news strikes your portfolio by viewing possible scenarios in advance.

Why are you sharing this with others?


As you might expect, we get this question a lot. Each subscription helps to improve the application for all of us. Investing is not a winner-take-all game, and making LevelFields available to every investor will help individuals — including ourselves and our own friends and family — achieve their goals faster. We are using the platform to make our own successful trades, and have been reinvesting funds directly into building out new features and scenarios. We have big ambitions for expanding the platform, but we also benefit from the ideas that our subscribers bring for new features and event categories.

How does it work?


Imagine being able to read and study every emerging rumor, news story or report about 6,200 publicly-traded companies, analyze in real-time how similar companies’ stocks have behaved in similar situations, identify the situations with the highest probability of success, and produce a forecast of what will happen next, all in the blink of an eye. That's LevelFields. Processing all that data at lightning speed isn't easy, but that's not the hard part. Doing it accurately is the LevelFields secret. Luckily, we have a collective 40 years of experience in this field. Our proprietary event intelligence engine has been developed specifically for investing and is unavailable anywhere else. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the platform is able to:

  • Detect and categorize specific types of events that affect stock prices
  • Account for context and eliminate duplicates and false positives
  • Pinpoint dates, distinguishing between events that are rumored, planned, in the past, or in the moment
  • Layer on historical stock data to identify patterns and produce actionable investor scenarios


LevelField is Changing the Way People Approach Investment Research

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Einhorn, the CEO of LevelFields, an AI-driven analytics application that automates investment research and helps self-directed investors find great trades quickly and often.

Cryptocurrency Adoption and Stock Prices

Companies launching cryptocurrency initiatives can face strong reactions from the market, often driving significant price volatility following the news. Cryptocurrency adoption is just one of the many scenarios tracked by LevelFields.

What LevelFields Users are Saying

The smartest product in the market.
Frank, Venture Capitalist
Finally something that replaces endless opinions with facts.
Richard, Full-time Day Trader
I made my subscription back 10x on my first trade.
Jon, Retail Investor
This will absolutely terrify the traditional buy-side guys.
ex-Portfolio Manager, $75B Hedge Fund
Another positive week on the LevelFields platform - gains on all six trades I made with the alerts.
Carlos, Retail Investor
I can spend 60 hours reading articles, or 6 minutes on your website.
David T, Retail Investor

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