A few frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 subscriptions?


Think of it this way: the Level 1 Plan is completely do-it-yourself and the Level 2 plan includes alerts called out by our analysts as well as investment and trade positioning for future events.

At Level 1, you get access to all the scenarios, all of the data, alerts with the ability to customize them, and all of the trends. You do not get as many years of data, assistance from humans (except the customer support line), unlimited customized alerts, personal training on how to use the platform and its data, or Level 2 scenarios.

If you subscribe to Level 1, you can convert to Level 2 and the remaining amount of your Level 1 subscription will offset part or all of the first month of Level 2.  

However, because Level 2 comes with training one-on-one on how to optimize use of the platform, there are no downgrades to Level 1 available save for extraordinary situations.

If you are new to trading, it's probably better to get the extra help from Level 2 to avoid the learning curve. But it depends on your financial situation. You will need capital to invest in the trades.

The trade ideas we come up with are shared with Level 2 members, and many of the trades we share include the use of options contracts to mitigate risk and maximize profits.  These ideas include our thoughts and best practices on target entry and exit prices. We also send SMS (text) alerts to Level 2 members only. On average, we send 1-2 new trade ideas per week.

The training provided in the Level 2 plan alone is worth the subscription price for the year. It's like getting 3 years of trading experience packed into one hour. And it's information that can be used for many years, so that is something to value and consider.

But if you're comfortable trading and following the data on your own, Level 1 is still a great value and many members enjoy doing things on their own.

Case Study: Level 2 Alert Yields 82% in 7 Days

Can I get a demo of the site?


Yes, there's a demo at the bottom of this page: https://app.levelfields.ai/landing-page

Is this for long-term investors?


LevelFields may be used by long and short-term investors. Long-term investors use LevelFields to identify trends in industries, find emerging growth companies, identify reasons to protect their holdings from negative events, find ways to generate option premiums for their holdings, and monitor their holdings via customizable dashboards, leveraging the power for AI for stock discovery and analysis.

What stock exchanges do you cover?


We cover all stocks traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ right now. This includes foreign companies listed on multiple exchanges, such as AZN, BABA, BHP, etc. We're gathering interest in adding additional exchanges. If you have a request, please let us know what you'd like to see by emailing support@levelfields.ai.

Can I get a free trial?


If you're interested in seeing the application, we've included videos of it all around this website and at the bottom of the pricing page: https://app.levelfields.ai/landing-page.

We did create a very limited free trial which does NOT include application access. In this trial, we'll forward 1 alert per week from the application. You can subscribe at the bottom of this page: https://www.levelfields.ai/about#case-studies

We don't provide free application access for a number of reasons (security, confusing user feedback, scammers, costs) and because the application hosts data analytics which once seen, can't be unseen.

We're imparting knowledge the second you log on - knowledge that took years to compile. Like the fishing captain that reveals his favorite fishing spots, we have to charge for that.

Or if you don't like the fishing analogy, take a look at how Statistica charges. We follow the same approach.

Does it work for Options Traders?


Yes - it's perfect for options traders looking for AI options trades. LevelFields AI provides analytics to help you determine your entry and exit points, win rates, and target returns. Since LevelFields AI provides a steady stream of AI options investment ideas, you'll never run out of trades. While we don't provide options prices, using the AI stock discovery platform, you can see how the underlying equity price moves and how long it typically moves for. For more on how LevelFields can help improve your options trading, visit our options page.

Do you have a mobile app?


Right now, it's optimized for desktop viewing on Chrome. The alerts will work on any device. We're gathering feedback from users on what they would like to see in the mobile application.

Can I buy data from you?


Probably. Pricing depends on whether the data is for personal use, private commercial use, or public commercial use. To get a quote, send the details of your request to support@levelfields.ai please.

Are you open to partnerships or affiliates?


We take our reputation very seriously and as such, we are very selective in who we work with because we do not want to oversell what we do or make claims we cannot back up. There's too much of that sh*t in the finance sector already, and we created LevelFields to get away from it.

Having said that, we welcome conversations as to how we might be able to partner.

Please email support@levelfields.ai with any ideas, questions, materials, etc. useful to informing the conversation and we can talk.

Thank you!

What kind of returns can I expect from LevelFields?


The answer is: it depends on what products you trade, your hold time, and your trading style. If you trade short term options, the returns can be 50%-1,000% per trade. If you're trading equities, it depends on the hold times. There are a number of events that catalyze a stock's performance over time. We list a few in our case studies section: https://www.levelfields.ai/about#case-studies

If you're trading one day returns, we did an analysis you can read about here: https://www.levelfields.ai/news/what-kind-of-returns-can-i-expect-with-levelfields

Keep in mind, making just 1% per week generates an annual return of 52%. At that rate, you will double your money every 17 months.

How does it work?


Imagine being able to read and study every emerging rumor, news story or report about 6,300 publicly-traded companies, analyze in real-time how similar companies’ stocks have behaved in similar situations, identify the situations with the highest probability of success, and produce a forecast of what will happen next, all in the blink of an eye. That's LevelFields. Processing all that data at lightning speed isn't easy, but that's not the hard part. Doing it accurately is the LevelFields secret. Luckily, we have a collective 40 years of experience in this field. Our proprietary event intelligence engine has been developed specifically for investing and is unavailable anywhere else. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the platform is able to:

  • Detect and categorize specific types of events that affect stock prices
  • Account for context and eliminate duplicates and false positives
  • Pinpoint dates, distinguishing between events that are rumored, planned, in the past, or in the moment
  • Layer on historical stock data to identify patterns and produce actionable investor scenarios

Watch demo

Listen to LevelFields CEO Explain How it Works

How will LevelFields help me be a better trader?


You already know that events affect stock prices. With LevelFields, you'll be empowered to:

  • Enter trades with greater conviction. When events emerge, you'll have a detailed view of the possible outcomes, both short-term and long-term.
  • Get ahead of the news. Find opportunities early and often, not after-the-fact.
  • Avoid common mistakes, such as buying at peak price, or selling out of fear only to miss a big rally.
  • Use the event to identify bull and bear markets within sectors and industries.

Why are you sharing this with others?


Empowering you to succeed with awesome tools is what gets us out of bed and excited to go to work each day. At the end of the day, we'd rather be Bloomberg than Burry.

We are using the platform to make our own successful trades, and have been reinvesting funds directly into building out new features and scenarios. The feedback from users helps us improve, which makes the platform better for all of us.

We have BIG ambitions for expanding the platform, and we benefit from the ideas that our subscribers bring for new features and event categories.

With your help we'll keep improving the platform.

Does the AI do the investing for me?


No. The artificial intelligence does all the research, monitoring, and analysis, but LevelFields is not an automated AI trading platform that executes the trades. The system is an AI trade discovery tool, enabling AI-driven trading but not executing the actual trading tickets.

How would a day trader or option trader use LevelFields?


By default, the impact of an event is calculated for a single day of trading (e.g. closing price to closing price). Across the platform, you'll find thousands of tradable events you can use to open buy, sell, or short positions. Options traders love LevelFields because they can see exactly how to enter and when to exit. Swing traders with a medium-term holding strategy can use LevelFields to identify the entry point from an event catalyst and the exit point from the benchmarks. How you trade, in terms of using stock or options, is completely up to you. But as an AI trading system for options traders, LevelFields finds great opportunities every day that can yield 40, 100, even 1400% gains on options trades.

While we don't provide automated trade execution via AI options trading, you won't have to spend any time looking for trade ideas for your options trades. We got you covered.

Do you send SMS alerts?


At present, we're sending SMS alerts for premium alerts that Level 2 members receive which are selected by our analysts as the highest quality alerts. We're hoping to roll out SMS alerts to Level 1 members in the future. In the meantime, some mobile providers enable auto-forwarding of our email alerts as SMS.

How would a pattern trader use LevelFields?


For pattern traders, it's valuable to distinguish between behavioral patterns and equity pricing adjustments. LevelFields provides critical context as to why prices may be moving, to understand which movements may represent an exception to the pattern.

Do you cover ETFs?


While there is a section that shows ETF trends, and every event impact is compared against the SPY, we only track events, news, and financials for stocks at this time.

Can I share my membership with others?


LevelFields subscriptions may not be shared. That would be a violation of our Terms of Service. More importantly, allowing that would prevent us from having the resources to design more cool stuff for you.

Do you provide investment advice?


Investors have different risk tolerances, time horizons, and investing styles, so we would never provide “one size fits all” stock picks or advice. We present LevelFields members with a steady stream of stock trading and investing opportunities. Each opportunity includes analysis that represent probable outcomes from different types of trades. Ultimately, you have to decide which opportunities are best for you.

What is the LevelFields cancellation policy?


We provide analytics and answers to questions in the way a detailed industry report provides. As such, we do not offer pro-rated refunds for amounts already paid. If at the end of an annual term you did not find the analytics, alerts, news, trends, weekly analyses, or trade ideas useful, you can request a refund. Of course we hope that you'll see value in the system and in what we're trying to accomplish. The specifics are laid out in our terms of service.

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