An Airline Stock Was Down -30% in 3 months. How it was predictable.

LevelFields AI tracks institutional option puts against stocks to identify likely losers

Sometimes it pays to follow the aggregate sentiment of institutional shareholders. In our trends section, the negative sentiment scenario does just that. And for the past several months the most shorted (via option puts) stock across institutional investors was American Airlines (AAL).

The trends section hosts the negative sentiment trend that identified AAL as the the stock with the largest number of institutions running put options on the stock - bets the stock was going to fall.

A quick logic test would reveal that oil prices were rising and this has a negative impact on airline profits. Likewise, consumer spending was slowing, which can also negatively impact airline stocks.

Institutions running puts on AAL stock

In this case, following the herd would have made or saved investors almost 30 percent over a few months, and a lot more for options traders.

AAP Stock Chart

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