Bloomin Brands Rises +8% in a Day

LevelFields AI sent out an alert to its members notifying them of that Bloomin Brands had raised the dividend and that bullish event was likely to positively move the share price. By 1pm, six hours after the LevelFields event alert was sent, the stock price was up +8% from the opening price.

Bloomin Brands, through its subsidiaries, owns and operates casual, upscale casual, and fine dining restaurants in the United States and internationally. Following the end of COVID lockdowns and double masking guidance, demand for going out to eat skyrocketed and Bloomin bloomed.

To give back to their shareholders, the company increased the size of their dividend program by a massive 71% on February 15th, 2023. Shortly after the announcement, LevelFields AI alerted members, notifying them of the event, which was likely to move the share price.

Users engaging the LevelFields event-driven analytics platform could see that a return of capital of this size has a high probability of increasing the share price. And in fact, the story played out in line with the pattern.

Premarket, the Bloomin Brands' share price moved up a little, as trading volume was extremely thin and the bid-ask difference between buyers and sellers was large. As is common, the share price fell by the open, as stock investors tried to take quick profits.

It took hours for the news to circulate through the market and charge up investors. By 1pm, six hours after the LevelFields event alert was sent, the stock price was up +8% from the opening price. Not bad for a day's "work." This is a larger return than the 30-year historical annual average on the S&P 500.

While LevelFields users had this opportunity to act in real time, traditional media took its time. In fact, new articles were "breaking" on Yahoo Finance four days later -- as shown below.

The second day of trading also shows an interesting pattern, with the stock losing most of its gains by afterhours on Day 1, then rebounding on Day 2 +4%.

Why does this happen? Sometimes the stock gets oversold following a big move, as investors look to sell of profits. This creates a new entry point.

News outlets also cover stocks at different intervals. Often the same event will get coverage for up to a week after the event. Each mention can continue driving share price movement as those who aren't LevelFields users read the dated news.

Note the date on this Yahoo Finance article, written and published 3 days after the event as though it just happened.

The web is riddled with older news stories of events. If you received LevelFields alerts, you knew about the event not just hours before the bulk of the market, but days before many others heard about.

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