Bull Markets During a War?

The combination of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and rising inflation caused a 40% rise in an obscure Canadian fertilizer company. LevelFields members, with no prior experience in commodities, heard about the opportunity before anyone else did.

In mid-February 2022, Nutrien (NTR) announced they would be returning a substantial amount of capital to shareholders. The price of their primary product, fertilizer, was rising along with most commodity prices at that time due to inflation. Confident in their future and rolling in cash flow, they return money to shareholders.

Their announcement of the large share repurchasing program was found by LevelFields AI, which then alerted LevelFields subscribers to the event. Eight days later, Putin invaded Ukraine, and the export of fertilizers from the areas in and around the wars ceased driving up fertilizer prices globally. Not intending to profit, Nutrien nevertheless did, as they were able to demand higher prices. Revenue and earnings grew fast, and the stock rose 40% in just a few months as war raged in Europe.

One option trader reported generating a 320% return from buying calls with a 6-month expiration date.

This type of situation is very common using LevelFields. You see, the AI is agnostic to the fact a war is happening. It isn't, like us, sympathetic of the event and distracted by the horror of the war. It just keeps doing its job of reading announcements and finding events that catalyze share prices.

Sometimes, right when it looks like the market has completely turned negative and there's no hope in site for making money, the AI returns a series of events from some small industry like fertilizer, or industrial packaging, or natural gas shipping tankers which offer not only positive returns in bleak times where the market index are all falling, but exceptional returns.

Events like the one NTR announced is one of 24 different scenarios provided by LevelFields. Investors can follow a single scenario, or leverage multiple event-driven scenarios to laser target on events that are catalyzing share prices positively and negatively.

The capital return scenario is a bullish scenario that drives share prices higher in the short term and long term. It is used by a wide variety of investors including daytraders, swing traders, and options traders. The scenario, like all LevelFields scenarios, is completely customizable. Members can tell the AI to return only companies that meet specific financial criteria or that operate in a certain sector.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits from using this information to inform investments, LevelFields' powerful AI saves hundreds of hours of research time a year otherwise spent reading news and reports, or scanning for novel ideas. Unlike other information sources, LevelFields does not rely on opinions and is not subjected to PR schemes designed to convince investors to purchase stock that large institutions are trying to get rid of.

Our AI analyzes millions of events from documents, news items and financial filings to find events that move stocks.  You can use it to find profitable trades, no matter how the market moves. Click the image below to signup.


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