Durect Corp. Up 35% After FDA Approval

What is the Impact of the FDA in Stock and Options Trading

What is a Breakthrough Therapy?

When there's a powerful new drug in development better than anything on the market, the FDA labels it a breakthrough therapy. This means the drug is eligible for expedited review for approval to be made available to the public.

How do stocks react to Breakthrough Therapy designations?

It depends on the size of the company and the size of the problem the drug would be treating. Illnesses affected many people equates to big revenue potentials. But the opposite is also true - small problem, smaller sales opportunity.

In relation to company size, smaller companies will see share prices jump higher than larger companies on this news. Using the filters in LevelFields, you can set alerts based on company size and revenue for this event type.

What happened to Durect Corporation's stock price?

The stock shot up 35% over the past week, following the FDA's decision to fast tract its therapy for Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis - a common ailment among alcohol users.

$DRRX via LevelFields.ai

What was unique about this event?

DRRX stock only has a $40M market cap. This breakthrough therapy designation is only given when the FDA feels the clinical research shows promising results. A company this size that creates a blockbuster drug, can go on to have a market cap in the billions. That would create a 1,000X return, for a market cap of $4B.

How long will it take to get the drug to market?

We can't know for sure - it could be months or years. And the next set of trials could fail. But these events afford opportunities to multiply returns massively, so keep a watch on this stock.

How do I find more events like this for my stock and options trades?

LevelFields AI tracks thousands of events proven to move share prices. Sign up for an account, set your AI search agents, and you'll be able to track thousands of events as easily as browsing online for flights.


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