POWW Rises Almost 20% in 3 Weeks

The stock rose +6% in the first day. After three weeks, the stock was up almost +20%.

AMMO, Inc., a top ammunition manufacturer and owner of GunBroker.com, announced on March 28th that its Board of Directors has extended its share buyback program. This was to allow the repurchase of up to $30 million of its outstanding common stock until February 2024. 

Following a LevelFields alert of the announcement, AMMO's stock (POWW) saw a one-day return increase of +6%. 

The stock continued to rise over the next several days, reaching +14%. After three weeks, the stock was up almost +20%.

The Stock Buyback scenario, over the last six months, has generated a cumulative return of over +1,234% carrying an average one-day return of +2.85%. 

Specifically, micro-cap industrial companies have an average 1-day return of over +6, according to data collected from LevelFields AI.

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