Stock Options Case Study: Making 90% in 30 Days from Gold Mining

Identifying a disparity between gold and gold miners yields a +90% profit in one month by stock options

What? The price of Gold has risen 13% YTD in 2024, but strangely, one gold mining stock, Newmont, had been selling off and was down -25% at the start of the year.  

Why? Negative sentiment due to the company missing earnings estimates pushed the stock way beyond a reasonable landing.

Setup: LevelFields analysts noticed the price disconnect with rising gold prices and sent the alert below to Level 2 users on Feb 29, 2024:

Newmont appears to be on a solid recovery path, underpinned by strategic growth initiatives, operational efficiencies, and a strong focus on shareholder value, making it an attractive investment option despite recent earnings misses. NEM is down -28.68% in the last year, while gold is up over 11%. In addition to this divergence, Newmont is likely to continue its reversal from its new low and rebound towards the $39 range.

Trade Option: Buy Long or $30 Call 9/20/24 (Delta of .66/ Price $4.00 a contract)

Result: NEM hit 39/share and the stock options contract rose 90% in 30 days, as shown in the graph below.

Newmont Gold Options Prices

Takeaway: The market usually prices things correctly, eventually, but very often large price discrepancies exist for months between what a company is worth and what price it trades at.  These can be used for great swing trades if you know where to look or know someone who does.

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