Taylor Devices up +27% in 5 days

TAYD up +18% in a day and +27% in a week on positive event catalysts following LevelFields' AI stock alert

Taylor Devices, Inc., a company engaged in designing and manufacturing shock absorption and seismic damping solutions, including those for airplanes, drones, and nuclear power plants, announced its fiscal year 2024 second quarter and first half results. The firm reported a slight decrease in second quarter sales but an increase in first half sales compared to the previous year. Notably, net earnings rose significantly.

The company also declared a substantial stock repurchase, buying back 459,015 shares at a discounted price, reflecting a strong balance sheet and the intent to enhance shareholder value. The CEO emphasized the company's solid financial position and capacity for continued profitable growth following this strategic move.

LevelFields users were alerted to the 'Stock Buyback' at 9 am Wednesday- leaving them able to catch TAYD's +17.99% 1D return. TAYD opened on Wednesday with a price of $23.83, reached a price of $28.45, 24 hours later, and ended the week at $28.30.

The average one-day return for micro-cap industrial companies within the scenario is just below 5.5% with a win rate of over 75%.

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