Weed for Dementia? New Treatment Drives Stock +44%

Phase II trial drives stock up 44 percent in a day

SciSparc Ltd., a specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, develops drugs based on cannabinoid molecules. The company announced positive results in a Phase II trial to treat agitation associated with Alzheimer's Disease.

As with most small cap announcements for the treatment of AD, the stock rose +44% on the news quickly, sold off quickly, then rose +27%.

Patient investors were rewarded on this trade.

If successful in phase III and commercial development, the drug could generate tens of millions of dollars. The company is currently valued at $3.5M.

The trial focused on their proprietary drug, SCI-110, and its effects on Alzheimer's patients. The results showed that SCI-110 was both safe and effective in reducing agitation in elderly patients with Alzheimer's.

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