9 Healthcare Companies Implement Stock Buyback Programs Last Quarter: Boosting Shareholder Value and Future Prospects Q2 FY 2023

Boosting Shareholder Value: Discover the Healthcare Companies that Implemented Stock Buyback Programs for Future Growth and Confidence Last Quarter, Q2 FY 2023



Industry: Biotechnology
Rafael Holdings, Inc. is a Newark-based company that owns commercial real estate and invests in pharmaceutical companies. It operates in two segments: Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate. Rafael Holdings leases a commercial office building and garage, while also developing therapies targeting metabolic differences between normal and cancer cells.

Rafael Holdings, Inc. recently announced that its Board of Directors has approved a stock buyback program, authorizing the repurchase of up to $5 million of Rafael Holdings's Class B common stock. The decision to implement this buyback stems from Rafael Holdings's commitment to driving long-term stockholder value through strategic capital deployment.

In the current macroeconomic climate, Rafael Holdings recognizes the strength of its balance sheet and share price, making the repurchase of its Class B common stock an attractive utilization of its resources. By repurchasing shares, Rafael Holdings aims to demonstrate its confidence in its long-term value creation strategy. CEO Bill Conking highlighted the business development expertise of Executive Chairman Howard Jonas, emphasizing the intention to leverage his track record in identifying investment opportunities that deliver long-term shareholder value.

Under this buyback program, Rafael Holdings may acquire shares through various means, including open market purchases, privately negotiated transactions, or by utilizing trading plans compliant with Rule 10b5-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The timing and total amount of stock repurchases will be contingent upon business, economic, and market conditions, regulatory requirements, prevailing stock prices, and other relevant factors. It's important to note that the authorization can be suspended or discontinued at any time, and Rafael Holdings is not obligated to acquire any specific amount of Class B common stock.

With this stock buyback program, Rafael Holdings aims to optimize its capital deployment strategy and enhance long-term value for its shareholders. The decision to repurchase shares reflects Rafael Holdings's confidence in its future prospects and its commitment to maximizing stockholder value in the current market environment.


Industry: Medical Devices
Zynex, Inc. is a medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture, and marketing of devices for pain management, muscle activation, and rehabilitation. Their product portfolio includes NexWave, a versatile device for pain relief and muscle stimulation, NeuroMove for electromyography triggered stimulation, InWave for female urinary incontinence treatment, and TENSWave for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. They also provide electrodes, batteries, and other related accessories. Additionally, Zynex offers a non-invasive blood volume monitor for detecting blood loss and internal bleeding during surgery and recovery. Zynex sells its products primarily in the United States through a direct sales force. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, Zynex serves the fields of pain management, stroke rehabilitation, and spinal cord injury recovery.

Zynex Inc recently authorized a stock buyback program. Zynex's stock ticker symbol is ZYXI, and it currently shows a slight decrease of 0.11%. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind Zynex's decision to implement a stock buyback program, the amount authorized, and the implications it may have on Zynex.

Zynex announced a new share buyback program, allowing for the repurchase of up to $10.0 million worth of its common stock. The program commenced on June 14, 2023, and is anticipated to run until June 13, 2024, or until the buyback limit of $10.0 million is reached.

As of June 13, 2023, Zynex had approximately 41.6 million shares issued, with 36.4 million shares outstanding. In the first quarter of 2023, Zynex had already completed share repurchases totaling $3.4 million. This indicates Zynex’s commitment to returning value to its shareholders.

The decision to authorize a stock buyback can stem from various reasons. It often suggests that a company believes its stock is undervalued and considers this an opportune time to invest in its own shares. By reducing the number of outstanding shares through repurchases, a company can increase earnings per share and potentially boost shareholder value.

In Zynex's case, the recent authorization of a stock buyback program could be influenced by several factors. Firstly, Zynex's strong operating cash flow of $1.9 million in the first quarter of 2023 demonstrates its ability to generate sufficient funds to support the buyback initiative. Additionally, Zynex had $16.8 million in cash reserves as of March 31, 2023, indicating a solid financial position.


Industry: Biotechnology
Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. is a US-based company focused on breast health solutions. They develop and market medical devices, laboratory tests, and therapeutics. Their primary program, Endoxifen, is in Phase II studies for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. They are also working on intraductal microcatheter technology to deliver therapies directly to the site of breast cancer. Formerly known as Atossa Genetics Inc., Atossa Therapeutics changed its name to Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. in 2020. Founded in 2009, Atossa Therapeutics is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Atossa Therapeutics, Inc. has recently authorized a share repurchase program. Atossa Therapeutics's Board of Directors has approved the repurchase of up to $10 million worth of its common stock by December 31, 2023.

The decision to initiate the stock buyback program reflects Atossa's commitment to delivering long-term value to its stockholders. Dr. Steven Quay, the President and CEO of Atossa, emphasized Atossa Therapeutics's belief in the current macroeconomic environment and the bright future of the business. They see the stock repurchase as a unique opportunity to strategically deploy capital and demonstrate confidence in their strategic priorities.

Greg Weaver, Atossa's Chief Financial Officer, highlighted Atossa Therapeutics's strong balance sheet and the progress made with their (Z)-endoxifen development program, including multiple ongoing Phase 2 studies. The current share price is seen as attractive and presents a strategic buying opportunity for Atossa. The share repurchase program aims to create long-term stockholder value and is limited to less than 10% of Zynex's total cash as of March 31, 2023. It is not expected to have a significant impact on Zynex's cash runway, which currently exceeds three years.

Under this stock repurchase program, Atossa plans to buy back shares of its common stock through various means, including open market transactions, privately negotiated block transactions, or other methods permitted by applicable securities laws. The specific number of shares and the timing of the repurchases will depend on factors such as stock price, trading volume, market conditions, working capital requirements, and general business conditions. It's important to note that the repurchase authorization does not bind Zynex to acquire any specific amount of its common stock, and the Board of Directors retains the flexibility to suspend, modify, or terminate the program at any time without prior notice.


Industry: Medical Devices
Cytek Biosciences, Inc. manufactures and sells cell analysis solutions for various research fields including drug discovery, genomics, and immunology. Their flow cytometers, Aurora and Northern Lights systems, utilize multiple lasers to analyze cells based on fluorescent tags. They also provide cFluor reagents for identifying cells of interest. Serving pharmaceutical companies, research centers, and clinical organizations, Cytek Biosciences operates globally through direct sales and support teams, as well as distributors and agents. Established in 2014 as Cytoville, Inc., Cytek Biosciences changed its name in August 2015 and is headquartered in Fremont, California.

Cytek Biosciences, Inc. has recently authorized a stock buyback program, signaling its confidence in Cytek's prospects. The Board of Directors has given its approval for the repurchase of up to $50 million worth of Cytek Biosciences' common stock. This program, subject to compliance with applicable law, will be in effect until the end of the fiscal year unless the Board of Directors decides to extend or shorten it.

Under this program, Cytek has the flexibility to buy back its common stock through open market transactions or privately negotiated deals. The Securities and Exchange Commission's Rule 10b-18 and other legal requirements will be strictly adhered to throughout the process. The decision regarding the timing and quantity of repurchases will be influenced by several factors, including available liquidity, cash flow, and market conditions.

It's important to note that Cytek Biosciences is not obligated to acquire a specific amount of its common stock through this program, and Cytek retains the discretion to modify or suspend the program at any time. This stock buyback initiative demonstrates Cytek's commitment to enhancing shareholder value and indicates confidence in its future growth prospects.


Industry: Biotechnology
Champions Oncology, Inc. is a Baltimore-based company specializing in personalized oncology solutions. With a team of 115 employees, Champions Oncology develops and sells technology solutions and products that revolutionize the development and usage of oncology drugs. Through its two business segments, Personalized Oncology Solutions (POS) and Translational Oncology Solutions (TOS), Champions Oncology provides physicians and patients with crucial information for personalized treatment plans. Champions Oncology's TumorGraft Technology Platform utilizes preserved tumors from patients, along with associated data and molecular information, to create Patient Derived XenoGrafts (PDX Models). This collection of TumorGrafts forms the foundation of their extensive TumorBank. By leveraging these cutting-edge solutions, Champions Oncology empowers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their pursuit of personalized approaches to drug development.

Champions Oncology, Inc. has recently authorized a stock buyback program, allowing for the repurchase of up to $5 million of its common stock until April 30, 2024. This move has been approved by Champions Oncology's Board of Directors in accordance with Rule 10b-18 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The decision to initiate the stock buyback program reflects Champions Oncology's commitment to generating long-term value for its shareholders. With a firm belief in the current macroeconomic landscape and the promising future of the business, CEO Ronnie Morris expressed that the buyback opportunity aligns with Champions Oncology's strategic priorities. The program underscores their confidence in executing their vision and highlights the bright prospects ahead.

According to David Miller, the CFO of Champions Oncology, their strong balance sheet and Champions Oncology's current valuation present an attractive and strategic buying opportunity. They view this initiative as a means to invest for long-term growth, recognizing that the market may not fully reflect Champions Oncology's true value. The program will be continuously monitored, taking into account changes in the business, capital markets, and the overall economy.


Industry: Health Information Services
Sharecare, Inc. operates as a digital healthcare platform company. Its Sharecare platform connects doctors, health plans, employers, health management tools, information, and others that enable individuals, workforces, and communities to improve their holistic well-being. Sharecare was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sharecare has announced the completion of its strategic review process. After evaluating various alternatives with the support of advisors, Sharecare's Board of Directors unanimously concluded that the best way to maximize shareholder value is to continue executing its strategic plan for growth and efficiencies across its business channels. To demonstrate its confidence in Sharecare's long-term strategy and attractive investment potential, the Board has authorized a stock repurchase program of $50 million.

The strategic review process reaffirmed the value of Sharecare's business channels and highlighted their collective strength. Sharecare's complementary capabilities, data, unified platform, and expansive customer base create a differentiated ecosystem for users and clients. Additionally, Sharecare's leadership is focusing on aligning and maximizing synergies across its business channels to foster customer-centered relationships, accelerate revenue growth, and create integrated cross-sell opportunities.

The stock repurchase program reflects Sharecare's belief that its shares are undervalued and demonstrates the executive team's confidence in Sharecare's future. Repurchases under the program will be made at Sharecare's discretion and may occur through various means, including open market transactions. The program has a term of 12 months and can be extended, modified, suspended, or discontinued as determined by the Board. Sharecare expects to fund the repurchases using its existing cash and cash equivalents.


Industry: Medical Distribution
Cardinal Health, Inc. is a leading integrated healthcare services and products company operating globally. With a focus on delivering tailored solutions to hospitals, healthcare systems, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, and physician offices, Cardinal Health offers a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical products. Its Pharmaceutical segment distributes branded and generic pharmaceuticals, specialty pharmaceuticals, and over-the-counter healthcare products, while also providing services to pharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare providers. The Medical segment manufactures, sources, and distributes Cardinal Health branded medical, surgical, and laboratory products, along with various national brand products. With its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, Cardinal Health has been serving the healthcare industry since its establishment in 1979.

Cardinal Healt, has recently announced its authorization of a stock buyback program. Cardinal Health's Board of Directors has approved a new $3.5 billion share repurchase authorization, set to expire on December 31, 2027. Cardinal Health plans to execute at least $2.0 billion of share repurchases over the next three years. This decision reflects Cardinal Health's confidence in its future prospects and its commitment to maximizing shareholder value.

The stock buyback authorization comes in the wake of Cardinal Health's strategic updates, including a focus on becoming a simplified and more focused organization. Cardinal Health aims to drive growth by expanding in the Specialty segment and pursuing opportunities in the Pharmaceutical and Medical sectors. Cardinal Health has also provided long-term financial targets, projecting a 12% to 14% growth in non-GAAP diluted EPS over the next three years.

These recent developments, along with Cardinal Health's strong momentum and robust cash flow generation, indicate a positive outlook for Cardinal Health. The stock buyback program signals the management's belief in the underlying strength of the business and their commitment to creating value for shareholders. Investors can look forward to Cardinal Health's continued growth and the potential benefits from the share repurchase program.


Industry: Biotechnology
Anika Therapeutics, Inc. is an integrated joint preservation, restoration, and regenerative solutions company operating globally. With a focus on innovative products, their offerings include HYALOMATRIX for skin wound treatment, MEROGEL for nasal packing, and various joint pain management products such as MONOVISC, ORTHOVISC, and CINGAL. They also provide solutions for cartilage regeneration, ophthalmic procedures, and orthopedic conditions. Founded in 1983 and based in Bedford, Massachusetts, Anika Therapeutics is committed to improving healthcare outcomes through their advanced therapies and surgical solutions.

Anika Therapeutics, Inc. has recently made significant announcements regarding its future plans and capital allocation. Anika Therapeutics, a global joint preservation company in early intervention orthopedics, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Caligan Partners LP. As part of this agreement, Anika appointed Gary Fischetti, a highly experienced professional from the medical device industry, as a Class III director. Fischetti will join the newly formed Capital Allocation Committee, which will provide recommendations to the Board and support the management's review of Anika Therapeutics's capital allocation.

In addition to these changes, the Board of Anika has authorized a $20 million share repurchase program. $5 million of this program will be executed through an accelerated repurchase program, while another $5 million will be purchased in the open market over the next 12 months. The remaining $10 million of the authorization will be bought in the open market, subject to Anika Therapeutics generating positive cash flow. This buyback program replaces the previous share repurchase program announced in May 2019.


Industry: Medical Devices
Bruker Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of scientific instruments, analytical solutions, and diagnostic tools worldwide. With three key segments - Bruker Scientific Instruments (BSI) Life Science, BSI NANO, and Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies - Bruker Corporation offers a diverse range of products and technologies. These include magnetic resonance-based life science tools, mass spectrometry solutions, molecular spectroscopy instruments, radiological/nuclear detectors, X-ray instruments, atomic force microscopy instrumentation, and more. Serving a wide range of industries and sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics, academia, forensics, and nanotechnology, Bruker Corporation is known for its innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality scientific solutions. Since its incorporation in 1991, Bruker Corporation has been headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts.

Bruker Corporation recently made a significant move by authorizing a stock buyback program, giving Bruker Corporation the authority to repurchase up to $500 million of its common stock over a two-year period starting from May 15, 2023. This decision comes as a result of Bruker's strong financial performance, positive outlook, and solid balance sheet, which enable a flexible capital allocation strategy aimed at maximizing long-term shareholder value creation.

Gerald Herman, the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Bruker, emphasized Bruker Corporation's commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. The stock buyback program provides the necessary flexibility to selectively return capital to shareholders while continuing to prioritize investments in initiatives such as Project Accelerate 2.0, which focuses on high-growth and high-margin opportunities.

In addition to the stock buyback program, Bruker Corporation also approved a quarterly cash dividend of $0.05 per share on its common stock. The dividend payment, scheduled for June 16, 2023, is a testament to Bruker Corporation's dedication to rewarding its stockholders.

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