Booz Allen Awarded $2.6 Billion Contract to Drive Innovation for IRS's Public Service and Taxpayer Engagement Objectives

Booz Allen Hamilton announced today that it has been selected for the Internal Revenue Service Enterprise Development, Operations Services contract


Booz Allen Hamilton, a global technology consulting firm, announced today that it has been selected for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Enterprise Development, Operations Services (EDOS) contract. This significant achievement comes with a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) worth $2.6 billion, reinforcing Booz Allen's position as a trusted partner to the IRS. The multi-year contract aims to support the IRS's goal of enhancing public service and taxpayer engagement through innovative IT solutions and services.

Enabling Transformation with EDOS Contract

The IRS's information technology teams are dedicated to providing efficient tax administration services, and the transformative EDOS contract will play a crucial role in modernizing mission-critical applications. Booz Allen's inclusion in the EDOS contract signifies the company's expertise in developing and implementing cost-effective solutions while addressing the annual tax season legislative requirements. The contract's focus is to support task orders that facilitate the filing season and assist the IRS in achieving its modernization objectives.

Booz Allen's Commitment to Enhancing Taxpayer Experience

Richard Crowe, the president of Booz Allen's Civil sector, expressed his excitement about the EDOS contract, stating that it marks a significant milestone in the IRS's journey to reimagine the taxpayer experience. Crowe emphasized Booz Allen's dedication to leveraging its decades of experience in data-enabled missions to enhance the IRS's services. Through the modernization of legacy systems, implementation of data and analytics capabilities, and the deployment of cutting-edge technologies, Booz Allen aims to contribute to a more efficient and effective IRS.

Building upon a Strong Partnership

Booz Allen's selection for the EDOS contract solidifies its longstanding partnership with the IRS, spanning over 25 years. The company's expertise in maintaining a diverse portfolio of over 400 systems, while effectively managing tax filing season deadlines and reducing legacy IT infrastructure, has proven invaluable to the IRS. Booz Allen's ability to adapt to the evolving needs of citizens and support the agency's objectives demonstrates their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Applying Expertise to Drive Modernization

Paul Tartaglione, a senior vice president in Booz Allen's Civil business, highlighted the importance of expertise in modernization, operations, and maintenance within complex federal government systems. Booz Allen's deep mission understanding, coupled with their track record in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cybersecurity, positions them as a key player in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of the IRS's systems. Tartaglione expressed the company's dedication to supporting the IRS's modernization and tax administration efforts for years to come.

By securing the EDOS contract, Booz Allen has reaffirmed its position as a leading technology partner in driving innovation and supporting the IRS's public service and taxpayer engagement objectives. The multi-year agreement will enable the company to contribute its extensive experience and advanced technological capabilities, ultimately enhancing the IRS's ability to serve the public effectively. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, Booz Allen is well-prepared to support the IRS's modernization journey.

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