Bragg Gaming Group Appoints Matevž Mazij as CEO: New Chapter Unveiled

Discover the Exciting Leadership Shift at Bragg Gaming Group: Matevž Mazij Appointed as CEO, Propelling Growth and Innovation

Leadership Changes

In an exciting turn of events, Bragg Gaming Group Inc. (NASDAQ: BRAG, TSX: BRAG) has announced a significant change in its leadership. The global B2B gaming technology and content provider has appointed Matevž Mazij, the current Chairman of the Board, as its Chief Executive Officer. This strategic decision comes with a wealth of industry experience and aims to bring fresh momentum to the company's growth trajectory.

Founder Takes the Helm

Matevž Mazij, renowned as the founder of Oryx Gaming, Bragg's original PAM, aggregation, and RGS gaming technology platforms, has taken on the role of CEO. This move follows the departure of Yaniv Sherman, the former CEO. With his strong background as the largest shareholder of Bragg and his instrumental role in Oryx Gaming's success, Mazij is well-poised to steer the company towards its next phase of development.

Strategic Alignment for Growth

The Board's decision to appoint Mazij as the CEO was made after careful evaluation and consideration. This change in leadership is geared towards ensuring optimal alignment with the company's best interests and the interests of its stakeholders. The Board's commitment to the seamless execution of the company's key strategic objectives remains unwavering.

Acknowledging Sherman's Contributions

Holly Gagnon, the Lead Independent Director of the Board, expressed gratitude to Yaniv Sherman for his leadership, commitment, and contributions to Bragg Gaming Group. This gesture highlights the importance of Sherman's role in the company's journey. The focus now shifts to the future and the opportunities that lie ahead under Mazij's guidance.

A Visionary Returns

Matevž Mazij, who has previously served on the Board, is enthusiastic about returning to an operational role as the CEO. His strategic vision is set on driving continued top-line and cash flow growth for the company. This aligns seamlessly with Bragg's expansion plans across North America, Europe, and the ever-evolving global regulated iGaming markets.

A Path Forward

As Bragg Gaming Group welcomes Matevž Mazij as its new CEO, the company looks poised for a new chapter of growth and innovation. With the founder of Oryx Gaming at the helm, the company is well-positioned to continue executing on its growth strategies. The acquisitions of Wild Streak Gaming and Spin Games in 2021 and 2022 respectively, serve as stepping stones towards a brighter future.

The winds of change are blowing at Bragg Gaming Group, and all eyes are on Matevž Mazij as he takes the reins, backed by his industry experience and a passionate team. The company's journey continues, fueled by a commitment to excellence and a drive for sustainable shareholder value.

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