Cable One, Inc. (CABO) Announces Dividend Increase

Cable One, Inc. (CABO) Boosts Dividend by $0.10 Per Share


In a move that is sure to please investors, the Board of Directors of Cable One, Inc. (NYSE: CABO) has just made a major announcement regarding the company's dividend distribution. The announcement showcases the company's commitment to rewarding its loyal shareholders and reflects its strong financial performance.

Bigger Returns: Quarterly Cash Dividend Gets a Boost

Cable One, Inc. (CABO) has decided to raise the bar by increasing its quarterly cash dividend. The Board of Directors has approved a remarkable $0.10 per share increase, bringing the new dividend amount to an impressive $2.95 per share. This uplift in dividend payout demonstrates the company's dedication to enhancing shareholder value and its confidence in its ongoing growth prospects.

Mark Your Calendar: Important Dates to Remember

If you're an investor looking forward to reaping the benefits of this exciting dividend increase, make sure to take note of the key dates. The dividend is set to be payable on September 15, 2023. To be eligible to receive this dividend, investors need to be registered as stockholders of record by August 29, 2023. So, be sure to mark these dates on your calendar to ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity.

Solidifying Investor Confidence: A Positive Sign

This dividend increase announcement sends a strong signal to investors about Cable One, Inc.'s (CABO) financial health and outlook. Not only does the company's decision to boost dividends indicate its belief in its current operations, but it also reflects its optimism for the future. This move is likely to bolster investor confidence and attract potential investors looking for stable and promising opportunities.

The news of Cable One, Inc.'s (CABO) dividend increase is undoubtedly a welcome development for shareholders and the investment community as a whole. As the company continues to thrive and expand, this dividend increase showcases its dedication to delivering value to its investors. Keep an eye on the important dates and seize the opportunity to benefit from this enhanced dividend payout. With this move, Cable One, Inc. (CABO) sets a positive tone for its future growth and success in the market.

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