CACI International Awarded $2.7 Billion Contract to Enhance National Security

Discover how CACI International Inc secures a game-changing $2.7 billion contract to bolster national security


CACI International Inc (CACI) has secured a significant contract worth up to $2.7 billion to provide mission expertise in network and exploitation analysis for the National Security Agency's (NSA) foreign intelligence and cybersecurity operations.

Unwavering Support to National Security

The announcement was made today, revealing CACI's latest achievement in bolstering the nation's security efforts. As a long-standing partner of the NSA for over two decades, CACI takes immense pride in supporting the agency's crucial global foreign intelligence and cybersecurity missions.

Assisting the NSA Against Emerging Threats

John Mengucci, CACI's President and Chief Executive Officer, expressed the company's honor in assisting the NSA in tackling both present and future threats to national security. With adversaries becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for comprehensive network and exploitation analysis has never been more critical.

A Game-Changing Contract

This contract represents a single-award, indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity agreement, enabling CACI's skilled analysts to deliver essential network and exploitation analysis. Their focus will be on securing and defending vital networks, ensuring the nation remains resilient in the face of a rapidly evolving global security landscape.

Accelerating National Security Efforts

The $2.7 billion contract empowers CACI to play a vital role in enhancing the nation's ability to respond swiftly to the challenges posed by an ever more complex security environment. Through their expertise and support, CACI aims to expedite the nation's capacity to safeguard its critical assets.

Looking Ahead

As CACI takes on this critical role, their dedication to bolstering national security is unwavering. The company's extensive experience and commitment to excellence continue to make them a trusted partner for the NSA and a leader in providing mission-critical support.

This landmark contract not only solidifies CACI's position in the defense and security industry but also reaffirms their commitment to safeguarding the nation against a myriad of threats to its interests and values.

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