Clorox Announces Layoffs at Kentucky Kingsford Charcoal Factory

Clorox Co. announces layoffs at its Kingsford charcoal factory in Kentucky, reflecting the company's reorganization efforts to optimize manufacturing capacities


Clorox Co. has announced plans to lay off 62 employees at its Kingsford charcoal factory located in Summer Shade, Kentucky. The decision comes as the consumer-products maker identified excess capacity within its Kingsford business and aims to optimize production across its manufacturing facilities.

Excess Capacity Leads to Layoffs

According to a spokesperson for Clorox, the company has identified excess capacity within its Kingsford business, prompting the decision to idle the briquetting and packaging lines in Summer Shade, Kentucky. This means that 62 employees will be laid off in August. However, the Summer Shade plant will still retain certain functions such as distribution and the charring of wood to make charcoal.

Transitioning Production and Open Positions

Clorox has stated that it plans to transition production from the Summer Shade plant to one of its four other Kingsford manufacturing facilities. While this decision may alleviate excess capacity concerns, it unfortunately results in job losses at the Summer Shade location. However, the company is actively exploring potential open positions at other facilities where the affected employees might be able to find new opportunities within Clorox.

Reorganization and Cost-Cutting Measures

Clorox's reorganization efforts aim to streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance its ability to respond swiftly to changes in consumer preferences. In April, the company eliminated approximately 200 positions, which accounted for about 4% of its non-production workforce. By reducing costs and optimizing its workforce, Clorox seeks to position itself for greater efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Kingsford Sales Below Expectations

The decision to lay off employees at the Kingsford charcoal factory follows disappointing sales results in the first quarter of the year. Clorox reported that Kingsford sales fell short of expectations due to increased competition during the quarter ending March 31. This factor likely contributed to the company's ongoing reorganization efforts as it strives to adapt to evolving market dynamics and regain its competitive edge.

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