CPS Technologies Corp. Appoints Brian Mackey as New President and CEO

CPS Technologies Corp. Appoints Brian Mackey as New President and CEO - A Seasoned Professional to Lead the Company's Growth and Innovation


CPS Technologies Corp. (CPSH), a leading technology company known for its innovation and product development, has recently announced the appointment of Brian Mackey as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. With over 20 years of executive leadership experience, Mr. Mackey's selection follows an extensive search for a suitable candidate after the resignation of Michael McCormack in April. His official role will commence on August 14, 2023. Frank Hughes, the Chairman of CPS's board of directors, expressed his excitement about the new appointment and shared his expectations for the company's future growth under Brian Mackey's leadership.

A Seasoned Professional Takes the Helm

Brian Mackey's impressive background and leadership expertise make him an ideal fit for CPS Technologies Corp. As the former CEO of Engi-Mat Co., located in Lexington, Kentucky, he spearheaded the development and production of metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials for various manufacturing customers. During his tenure, Engi-Mat became a key supplier for a U.S. Navy Program of Record and secured significant research funding from the Department of Defense and Department of Energy. Such experience highlights his capabilities in driving innovation and growth in the industry.

An Industrial Background to Foster Growth

Mr. Mackey's track record in the industrial sector, particularly in advanced materials and complex electromechanical assemblies, is a strategic advantage for CPS. His expertise aligns well with the company's areas of focus, and this alignment is expected to contribute positively to CPS's trajectory of growth and performance. Moreover, his deep understanding of core aerospace and defense customers, along with effective market penetration strategies, positions CPS Technologies Corp. for continued success in its key markets.

Acknowledging the Interim Leadership

The Company's CFO, Chuck Griffith, stepped in as the acting president after Michael McCormack's resignation, leading the organization during the interim period. The board of directors expressed their gratitude for Chuck Griffith's outstanding work during this transitional phase and confirmed that he will continue to serve as CPS's CFO.

Brian Mackey's Enthusiastic Welcome

Brian Mackey expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to lead CPS Technologies Corp. during this period of sustained growth. He acknowledged the company's industry leadership and its expanding applications, which attracted him to take up the leadership role. Mackey's enthusiasm for driving the organization through the next phase of expansion demonstrates his commitment to advancing the company's goals.

A Distinguished Career

Before joining CPS, Brian Mackey's career path included five years as the CEO of Engi-Mat Co., where he accomplished remarkable milestones for the company in securing contracts and research funding. Prior to that, he served as the General Manager of the Synchrony Business Unit of Dresser-Rand/Siemens, where his work focused on advanced magnetic bearing systems for high-speed rotating machinery. His previous role as the Chief Operating Officer at Synchrony further honed his expertise in operational leadership.

A Strong Foundation for Success

Brian Mackey's education and military experience add further strength to his leadership capabilities. As an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, he developed valuable skills that he later applied in the corporate world. With a B.S. in Engineering from the United States Military Academy and an MBA from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, Mackey brings a well-rounded set of qualifications to CPS Technologies Corp.

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