Entravision Appoints Michael Christenson as New CEO

Entravision has announced the appointment of Michael Christenson as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1, 2023

Leadership Changes

Entravision, a global advertising solutions, media, and technology company, has announced the appointment of Michael Christenson as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1, 2023. This strategic move aims to leverage Christenson's extensive experience and expertise in operational execution, financial management, and strategic acquisitions to unlock opportunities for expanding the company's digital, television, and audio segments. The announcement has been met with enthusiasm and excitement from Entravision's Board of Directors and highlights the company's commitment to maintaining its competitive position in international markets.

Proven Leadership for Growth

Entravision's Board of Directors expressed their enthusiasm for the appointment, praising Michael Christenson as a proven executive with a successful track record of driving growth through operational excellence and strategic acquisitions. Paul A. Zevnik, Chair of Entravision's Board, emphasized Christenson's operational and financial expertise, which positions him well to enhance the company's offerings and strengthen its competitive position. This move aligns with Entravision's goal to expand its market presence and capitalize on the ever-evolving advertising landscape.

Extensive Experience

With over four decades of experience, Michael Christenson brings a wealth of industry and technology knowledge to Entravision. Having served as President and Chief Operating Officer of notable software companies New Relic and CA Technologies, Christenson has consistently navigated companies through industry and technology transformations. Additionally, his background as an investment banker with Allen & Company and Salomon Brothers, along with his involvement on the boards of high-growth technology companies, showcases his broad perspective and ability to drive strategic growth initiatives.

Optimizing Global Footprint

Michael Christenson expressed his honor in joining Entravision, acknowledging the company's position as an industry leader with a unique value proposition and an impressive suite of digital marketing services across its global footprint. As a seasoned professional in the advertising solutions, media, and technology sector, Christenson recognizes Entravision's potential for continued growth. He is eager to leverage his expertise and work closely with the talented team to propel the company to new heights, seizing emerging opportunities in the global market.

Acknowledging Stellar Performance

Paul A. Zevnik extended his gratitude to the entire management team for their dedication in maintaining Entravision's outstanding performance. The company experienced a record-breaking financial year in 2022, with impressive revenue and consolidated adjusted EBITDA figures. This recognition highlights Entravision's commitment to delivering exceptional results and sets the stage for further success under Michael Christenson's leadership.

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