Evaxion Biotech Announces New CEO to Drive AI-Powered Immunotherapy Advancements

Discover Evaxion Biotech's Latest Leap: New CEO Christian Kanstrup Set to Drive AI-Powered Immunotherapy Innovations

Leadership Changes

Evaxion Biotech A/S, a trailblazing clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in AI-driven immunotherapies, has exciting news to share. The company has welcomed a fresh Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on board to propel its strategic development and harness the immense business potential that has emerged after 15 years of refining its AI platforms.

Leading the Way with Visionary Leadership

Evaxion is thrilled to introduce Christian Kanstrup as its newly appointed CEO. The company's leadership firmly believes that Kanstrup's unparalleled qualifications and extensive experience in leadership, strategy development, and execution position him as the ideal candidate to foster the growth and implementation of Evaxion's AI-based target discovery models. This strategic move not only ensures a robust pipeline and strategic partnerships but also maximizes the utilization of Evaxion's valuable assets, data, and knowledge.

An Impressive Track Record

With a remarkable 25-year background in the life sciences sector, Christian Kanstrup brings to the table a robust history of steering strategy development, business expansion, and a comprehensive understanding of both listed and unlisted companies within capital markets and investor relations. Kanstrup has held pivotal roles at Novo Nordisk, including the prestigious position of Head of Biopharma Operations. His appointment is greeted with great confidence by Marianne Soegaard, the Chairman of Evaxion's Board, who emphasizes Kanstrup's potential to capitalize on the company's AI breakthroughs to enhance patients' Progression Free Survival (PFS), benefiting not only shareholders and employees but most importantly, the patients themselves.

Christian Kanstrup's Vision

Expressing his outlook on this new role, Christian Kanstrup shares his conviction in the transformative potential that lies at the intersection of technology and biology. He envisions groundbreaking therapeutic innovations that could bring hope to those grappling with severe diseases that lack adequate treatments. Kanstrup acknowledges Evaxion's leadership in the TechBio field, marked by its world-class AI platform and promising clinical data. His enthusiasm shines as he expresses pride in joining Evaxion's talented team and anticipates playing a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of the remarkable Evaxion AI platform.

Continued Transformation and Gratitude

In the midst of this strategic transition, the company expresses gratitude to Per Norlén for his instrumental contributions that propelled Evaxion further into its ongoing transformation journey. Norlén's initiatives in driving strategic turnarounds and setting up validating procedures for the AI-discovery approach have laid a strong foundation for future successes. Acknowledging the evolving business landscape, Marianne Soegaard underscores the collective alignment in recognizing the need for fresh expertise to tap into the diverse business opportunities generated by this transformation.

Evaxion Biotech's appointment of Christian Kanstrup signals an exciting chapter in the company's evolution, with strong confidence in his leadership to capitalize on the fusion of technology and biology, and a commitment to driving innovation that can revolutionize disease treatment.

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