EyePoint Pharmaceuticals Appoints Dr. Jay S. Duker as CEO, Driving Growth in Sustained Ocular Drug Delivery

Discover the latest leadership change at EyePoint Pharmaceuticals as Dr. Jay S. Duker takes the helm as CEO

Leadership Changes

EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: EYPT), a leading company dedicated to advancing therapeutics for serious eye disorders, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Jay S. Duker as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Dr. Duker, previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to lead EyePoint Pharmaceuticals into its next phase of growth. This strategic move signifies the company's commitment to advancing sustained ocular drug delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Nancy S. Lurker Transitions to Executive Vice Chair of the Board of Directors

With this significant leadership change, Nancy S. Lurker, the former CEO of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, will now assume the role of Executive Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. Throughout her tenure, Lurker spearheaded the company's growth, achieving remarkable milestones such as the successful US commercial launch of YUTIQ® and the sale of commercial rights to YUTIQ. Her strategic vision and outstanding leadership have positioned EyePoint Pharmaceuticals for continued success.

EyePoint's Achievements Under Nancy Lurker's Leadership

Under Nancy Lurker's guidance, EyePoint Pharmaceuticals achieved several value-enhancing catalysts. Notably, the company advanced EYPT-1901 into two oversubscribed Phase 2 trials, experienced revenue growth for YUTIQ, and significantly strengthened its balance sheet. With EyePoint's transformation into a pure-play drug development company, the company's clinical pipeline and recent achievements have placed it in a position of strength for future growth.

Dr. Jay S. Duker Assumes the Role of CEO

Dr. Jay S. Duker's appointment as CEO marks a pivotal moment for EyePoint Pharmaceuticals. With his extensive background as a world-renowned retinal specialist and his successful track record in founding ophthalmology companies, Dr. Duker is uniquely positioned to drive the company's growth in sustained ocular drug delivery. His expertise and deep knowledge of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, along with the sharpened focus on advancing the retina pipeline, make him the ideal fit for the CEO position.

EyePoint's Focus on Expanding the Retina Pipeline

As the newly appointed CEO, Dr. Duker will guide EyePoint Pharmaceuticals as it advances transformative treatment options for various eye diseases. The company's strategic focus on expanding its pipeline, leveraging the sustained delivery capability of the Durasert E™ technology, will be instrumental in developing innovative therapies for patients at risk of vision loss. With the anticipated readouts of two Phase Two trials for EYPT-1901 in wet AMD and NPDR, and the planned initiation of a third Phase 2 trial in DME, EyePoint Pharmaceuticals is well-positioned to solidify its position as a leader in sustained ocular drug delivery.

Dr. Jay S. Duker's Impressive Background

Dr. Jay S. Duker's vast experience and accomplishments in the field of ophthalmology make him an exceptional choice for EyePoint Pharmaceuticals' CEO. With more than 300 journal articles published and his co-authorship of a best-selling ophthalmic textbook, Dr. Duker has contributed significantly to the advancement of ophthalmic research. Additionally, his co-founding of Hemera Biosciences, a gene therapy company, and his role as Chair of the Board of Sesen Bio demonstrate his strong entrepreneurial acumen.

EyePoint's Confidence in Dr. Jay S. Duker's Leadership

EyePoint's Board of Directors, led by Dr. Göran Ando, expresses full confidence in Dr. Jay S. Duker's leadership capabilities. His vision, clinical expertise, and demonstrated ability to execute will be instrumental in driving the company's growth and delivering first-in-class therapeutics to patients. EyePoint Pharmaceuticals is excited to leverage its strong balance sheet, ongoing clinical trials, and expanding retina pipeline under Dr. Duker's guidance.

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