Harmony Biosciences Announces $125 Million Share Repurchase Program

Harmony Biosciences Empowers Investors with $125 Million Share Repurchase Program


Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc. ("Harmony" or the "Company"), a leading pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapies for patients with rare neurological diseases, has recently made an exciting announcement. Today, the company's Board of Directors has authorized a share repurchase program, allowing Harmony to buy back up to $125 million of its common stock.

Flexibility to Return Capital to Shareholders

The decision to initiate the share repurchase program stems from Harmony's strong financial position, with a solid balance sheet and impressive cash generation. With these financial strengths, the company is well-equipped to return capital to its shareholders. This move is aimed at striking a balance between rewarding investors and continuing to execute and advance the company's growth strategy.

Confidence in Long-Term Growth Potential

Jeffrey M. Dayno, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Harmony, expressed his confidence in the company's future prospects. He believes that the share repurchase program is a testament to the board's and management's strong faith in Harmony's long-term growth potential. By repurchasing its common stock, Harmony is signaling its conviction in its ability to deliver value to shareholders over the long run.

Variability in Share Repurchases

The timing and amount of share repurchases under this program will be influenced by various factors. These factors include assessing the capital needs of the business, exploring alternative investment opportunities, monitoring the market price of Harmony's common stock, and considering general market conditions. This approach allows the company to make informed decisions to optimize shareholder value through share repurchases.

Multiple Methods for Repurchasing Shares

To carry out the share repurchase program effectively, Harmony has the flexibility to employ a range of methods. These methods may include open market purchases, block trades, accelerated share repurchase transactions, exchange transactions, or a combination of these strategies. The company's willingness to employ various methods showcases its commitment to maximizing the efficiency and success of the repurchase program.

Non-Binding Nature of the Program

It's important to note that this share repurchase program is not obligatory. Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc. is not required to acquire any specific amount of its common stock. Moreover, the company maintains the option to modify, suspend, or discontinue the program at any time without prior notice.

The $125 million share repurchase program by Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc. demonstrates the company's financial strength, growth confidence, and commitment to enhancing shareholder value. By leveraging its robust financial position, Harmony aims to create a win-win scenario for both the company and its investors. As the program unfolds, it will be interesting to observe the impact of these repurchases on Harmony's market position and the long-term outlook for its shareholders.

How to Trade Buybacks

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