Harte Hanks Appoints Kirk Davis as New CEO

Harte Hanks Inc. (HHS) announced the appointment of Kirk Davis as its new CEO, effective from June 19, 2023

Leadership Changes

Harte Hanks Inc. (HHS) announced the appointment of Kirk Davis as its new CEO, effective from June 19, 2023. Davis, a seasoned media-industry veteran, brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously served as CEO of Metro Corp. and GateHouse Media.

New Leadership for Growth and Transformation

After serving as CEO of Harte Hanks since June 2021, Brian Linscott is passing the torch to Kirk Davis. The Chairman of the Board, Jack Griffin, expressed gratitude to Linscott for his service and acknowledged his contributions in navigating the company through recent challenges. With an eye toward the future, Griffin conveyed the board's enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead for Harte Hanks. Davis, known for his successful growth strategies and operational change initiatives, is poised to lead the company forward as it aims to drive improved results for shareholders and customers.

A Promising Vision for the Future

Mr. Davis, an accomplished leader in the media and marketing sector, expressed his pride in leading Harte Hanks, a company with national and international relevance. Recognizing its ability to reach a diverse customer base, he acknowledged the real value Harte Hanks holds in today's market. Davis, a Massachusetts resident, expressed honor in being at the helm of a company headquartered in the Bay State. His decades of media and marketing expertise, garnered from his roles as CEO of Metro Corp. and GateHouse Media, position him as an ideal candidate to spearhead Harte Hanks' next chapter.

Building upon a Legacy

Harte Hanks, a 100-year-old company, has continuously evolved to meet the shifting needs of its customers. Davis recognizes the remarkable opportunity to contribute to the legacy of a company with such longevity. Highlighting the company's evolution, Davis emphasized Harte Hanks' current status as a global company that delivers a wide range of services, including customer care, analytics, strategy, technology, content, logistics, and fulfillment. His dedication to building value and growth in multichannel enterprises aligns perfectly with Harte Hanks' mission, and he is eager to collaborate with the talented management team and employees to solidify the company's position as an industry leader.

Inducement Award for Mr. Davis

To mark the commencement of Mr. Davis' employment with Harte Hanks, the independent Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors has approved an inducement award. This award consists of 240,000 stock options, providing Mr. Davis with the opportunity to purchase shares of Harte Hanks common stock. The stock options have an exercise price equivalent to the closing price of the company's common stock on the grant date (June 20, 2023) and will vest in three equal installments over the first three anniversaries of Mr. Davis' employment, subject to his continued tenure. In the event of a change in control of Harte Hanks, any unvested stock options will immediately vest if Mr. Davis resigns for "good reason" or is terminated without "cause" within 12 months following the change.

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