Hoth Therapeutics' Alzheimer's Therapy Shows Promising Preclinical Results

Hoth Therapeutics has announced progress in the development of HT-ALZ, a therapeutic aimed at treating Alzheimer's disease

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Hoth Therapeutics, a patient-focused biopharmaceutical company, has announced progress in the development of HT-ALZ, a therapeutic aimed at treating Alzheimer's disease. The latest preclinical results have shown notable improvements, particularly in a spatial memory test conducted at Washington University in St Louis. With this positive development, Hoth Therapeutics looks forward to further data and continues to move closer to a potential breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment.

Positive Preclinical Results

In the recent phase of studies conducted in collaboration with Washington University, HT-ALZ has demonstrated positive preclinical results that surpass the findings of the previous study. Notably, the higher dose of HT-ALZ has proven to be most effective in improving spatial memory, a significant aspect of Alzheimer's disease.

Behavior Results and Future Prospects

Hoth Therapeutics has successfully completed behavior tests for several parameters, including Locomotor Activity/Exploratory Behavior, Elevated Plus Maze, Spatial Navigation Water Maze, Prepulse Inhibition of Startle, and Conditioned Fear. The company looks forward to sharing additional data as it becomes available, fostering transparency and collaboration in the pursuit of Alzheimer's treatment.

Next Steps: Brain Processing and Analysis

Following the completion of behavior tests, Hoth Therapeutics is now preparing to process the brains of the animal subjects involved in the study. The analysis will focus on determining the total plaque load and soluble/insoluble beta-amyloid levels, key markers associated with Alzheimer's disease. By thoroughly evaluating these factors, researchers aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic effects of HT-ALZ and its potential impact on reducing the accumulation of amyloid β plaques in the brain.

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