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LevelFields Launches AI to Help Retail Investors Supercharge Their Trading

Event-based analytics platform reveals market patterns, making pro playbook more accessible

LevelFields Press Release

Engineers, linguists, data scientists, and stock traders team up to level the playing field between institutional and retail investors with new technology

(Tysons Corner, VA, USA, October 4, 2021) Today, LevelFields announced its public launch to enable equity investors to see and forecast the impact of developing events on stock prices. The technology is built to continuously screen company reports, SEC filings, social media, and news content related to over 6,000 stocks, and identify patterns of events that significantly affect prices over subsequent days and months. The result is an Artificial Intelligence platform that helps investors predict a stock’s next move.

The company was cofounded by CEO Andrew Einhorn, a seasoned entrepreneur and data maven who founded and sold a National Science Foundation-backed media analytics company. Einhorn works with a team of software engineers, linguists, data scientists, journalists, professional traders, and even physicists who built pioneering AI and language processing technology for government agencies, corporations, and heads of state. debuts on the heels of one of the most volatile and headline-driven trading periods in history, which has seen the average holding time of stocks shrink from years to just a few months. To help investors navigate this turbulence, the software not only identifies new trading opportunities, but also helps investors avoid costly decisions, like selling too late or purchasing a stock at its peak price.

“Every day in the market, dozens of events are moving stock prices by 10, 50, even 200 percent” said Einhorn. “The hard part for retail investors has historically been identifying those stocks before they move – a problem our AI solves with unprecedented scale, speed, and accuracy.”

The platform offers investors an easy-to-use interface that converts everyday news into investable patterns. Users can quickly view the patterns formed by short- and long-term event types such as product launches, leadership changes, and clinical trials. Alerts notify users when the next investing opportunity arises.  

“When major news is announced, many investors overreact, underreact, or never even hear about it,” says Einhorn. “Our system finds these events and demonstrates what’s most likely to happen to a stock’s share price based on data, not opinion.”

Einhorn added, “Banks, hedge funds, and wealth managers spend billions on software, data, reports, and analysts to screen and monitor stocks. LevelFields leverages its AI to give retail investors the data processing firepower to more fairly compete with the professionals.”

LevelFields’ funding has been largely sourced from its founders’ previous exit and successful trades leveraging the LevelFields platform, with additional support from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology and angel investors.

About LevelFields
LevelFields is the most advanced decision-analytics platform for self-directed investors. Its proprietary Al technology scours millions of events related to thousands of publicly traded companies, demonstrating their impact on stock prices, using historical data to expose patterns and enable retail investors to make faster and more informed decisions. The company’s advisory board includes former executives from Silicon Valley Bank, Guggenheim Partners, and Citibank, among others. For more information visit

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