Overseas Shipholding Group Announces $10 Million Increase in Stock Repurchase Program

Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc.'s Board of Directors has authorized an additional $10 million allocation towards the repurchase of OSG's common stock


Overseas Shipholding Group, Inc. (OSG), a provider of global energy transportation services, has made an exciting announcement regarding its stock repurchase program. Overseas Shipholding's Board of Directors has authorized an additional $10 million allocation towards the repurchase of OSG's common stock, bringing the total value of the program to $20 million. This strategic move reflects OSG's commitment to enhancing shareholder value while utilizing its available cash effectively.

Evaluation and Decision-Making

Sam Norton, the President and CEO of OSG, highlighted the company's dedication to its stockholders and explained that the Board of Directors consistently assesses various avenues for utilizing available cash. After careful consideration of several factors, the Board concluded that increasing the stock repurchase program would be a favorable step forward for the company. This decision demonstrates OSG's proactive approach to capital allocation and its commitment to delivering long-term value to its investors.

Flexible Repurchase Approach

Under the newly expanded program, OSG has the flexibility to repurchase its shares through open market transactions, including the use of trading plans under SEC Rule 10b5-1, as well as privately negotiated transactions. The company will carefully analyze market conditions and other relevant factors, such as share prices, to determine the timing and amount of each purchase. OSG remains committed to adhering to applicable laws and regulations throughout the repurchase process.

No Time Limit or Obligations

One notable aspect of OSG's stock repurchase program is its lack of a time limit. This means that the company has the flexibility to implement repurchases at its own discretion, without being bound by a specific timeframe. Moreover, OSG retains the right to suspend, modify, or discontinue the program at any point, ensuring the ability to respond to changing market conditions and company priorities. It's important to note that the stock repurchase program does not create an obligation for OSG to purchase any specific amount of its common stock.

Funding the Share Repurchase Program

OSG plans to finance the stock repurchase program using its excess cash, which signifies the company's commitment to utilizing its available resources prudently. By utilizing excess cash for this purpose, OSG aims to optimize its capital structure and enhance shareholder value. This approach reflects OSG's strategic focus on delivering returns to investors while maintaining financial stability and flexibility.

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