Rallybio Corporation Appoints Dr. Stephen Uden as CEO

Rallybio Corporation announced Dr. Stephen Uden, the current President, COO, and Co-Founder of Rallybio, as Rallybio's CEO, effective August 1, 2023

Leadership Changes

Rallybio Corporation, a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to developing life-transforming therapies for patients with severe and rare diseases, made an announcement today. Dr. Stephen Uden, the current President, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of Rallybio, has been appointed as Rallybio's Chief Executive Officer, effective August 1, 2023. This strategic move reflects Rallybio's commitment to advancing its mission and expanding its leadership position in the rare disease space.

Dr. Uden's New Role and Responsibilities

With his wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Uden is well-suited to lead Rallybio into the next phase of growth and success. In addition to assuming the role of CEO, Dr. Uden will continue serving as Rallybio's President and will be appointed to Rallybio's Board of Directors. This appointment solidifies his influential position within the organization, allowing him to shape Rallybio's future direction.

Continued Partnership and Collaboration

While Dr. Uden takes on the role of CEO, Dr. Martin Mackay, the current Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Co-Founder, will transition to the role of Executive Chairman. In this capacity, Dr. Mackay will remain an active participant in Rallybio's operations, with a focus on driving company strategy, fostering investor relations, and overseeing related activities. This seamless transition ensures the continuity of leadership and maintains a collaborative environment within Rallybio.

Dr. Uden's Vision and Future Prospects

Expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, Dr. Uden highlighted Rallybio's mission to become a leader in developing transformative medicines for rare diseases. He is determined to build upon Rallybio's past achievements and drive forward the clinical programs. Dr. Uden also shared that Rallybio expects significant developments in the rest of 2023. Notably, the Phase 1 study results for RLYB212, an anti-HPA-1a monoclonal antibody product candidate, are anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2023. Additionally, initial data from the multiple ascending dose Phase 1 study of RLYB116, an inhibitor of complement component 5, will be shared, along with details on the initial indication strategy.

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