Shares of Solar Stock Continued their Selloff

Biden's debate fallout raises anti-solar fears, impacting stocks.

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As markets priced in the increased likelihood of an anti-solar incentive Trump administration following a horrible debate performance by Biden.

Amid the ongoing fallout from Joe Biden’s debate performance, talk in many top Democratic circles has already moved to who Kamala Harris’ running mate would be.

That’s how certain a widening group of leading party officials, operatives and donors are that the president’s slow start to salvage his campaign just won’t work, with several close allies skeptical that he is up to the reelection campaign he has pledged to stay in, based on CNN’s conversations with two dozen Democratic politicians and operatives.

Biden always says not to compare him to the almighty, but to the alternative. That’s exactly what a growing number of Democrats looking at Harris are doing.

The democratic party is fractured over whether to lobby for replacing President Biden (81) with Vice President Kamala Harris (59) as the party's nominee for President, and democratic senators are meeting to discuss how to handle the situation.

Shares of First Solar are down almost -17% in the past month.

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