Sonos Announces Workforce Reduction

Sonos Announces Workforce Reduction and Real Estate Consolidation to Optimize Costs


In an effort to streamline operations and enhance cost efficiency, Sonos, the renowned speakers maker, has revealed plans to implement a series of measures. The company is set to reduce its workforce by approximately 7% and consolidate its real estate footprint. Additionally, Sonos aims to re-evaluate certain program expenditures while continuing to invest in the development of new products. This strategic initiative comes as the company looks to optimize its operations amidst an evolving market landscape.

Workforce Reduction and Cost Optimization

Sonos has announced its decision to reduce its workforce, which currently stands at over 1,800 full-time employees, primarily based in the United States. With the implementation of this measure, the company aims to enhance cost optimization and align its staffing levels with its business requirements. The reduction of approximately 7% of jobs will result in an expected restructuring charge ranging from $11 million to $14 million. Severance costs, estimated at $9 million to $11 million, are a significant component of these charges.

Real Estate Consolidation

As part of its cost-saving efforts, Sonos plans to consolidate its real estate footprint. By reassessing its property portfolio, the company aims to streamline its physical presence and reduce associated expenses. The specifics of the consolidation, such as the locations affected and the anticipated savings, have not been disclosed. Nonetheless, this move underscores Sonos' commitment to optimizing its resources and maintaining long-term sustainability.

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