Spotify Announces Layoffs

Spotify has announced the layoff of approximately 200 employees or about 2% of its workforce


In a strategic move to revamp its partnership approach with leading podcasters worldwide, Spotify has recently announced the layoff of approximately 200 employees, which accounts for about 2% of its workforce. This decision aims to drive a more tailored and supportive experience for the creator community. The global music streaming giant has been investing significantly in its podcast unit over the past few years, including high-profile acquisitions and sponsorship deals. The news of the layoffs was delivered by Spotify Vice President Sahar Elhabashi in a memo to employees, assuring impacted individuals of generous severance packages.

Spotify's Focus on Podcasts

Over the last three years, Spotify has been dedicating substantial resources to expand its podcasting capabilities. With the company's global workforce reaching 8,359 individuals in 2020, as reported in a SEC filing, the recent layoffs will affect only a fraction of its employees. Out of the total workforce, 4,332 individuals are based in the United States. Spotify's ambition to transform its podcasting division and provide enhanced support to the creator community has prompted this strategic decision.

Strategic Pivot for Enhanced Support

Spotify's Vice President, Sahar Elhabashi, explained that the company's fundamental pivot from a more uniform proposition will enable better assistance for the creator community. By restructuring its approach to partnerships, Spotify aims to create a more tailored and effective environment for podcasters worldwide.

Investment in the Podcasting Space

In its quest to strengthen its presence in the podcasting arena, Spotify has spared no expense. According to a SEC filing, the company has invested a staggering 493 million euros, equivalent to approximately $526 million dollars, since 2020. These investments primarily revolved around four significant acquisitions in the podcasting space, solidifying Spotify's position as a leading player in the industry. Furthermore, Spotify has also secured high-profile sponsorship deals with renowned personalities such as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and online personality Joe Rogan.

Assurance of Generous Severance Packages

Spotify's Vice President, Sahar Elhabashi, expressed the company's commitment to supporting the affected employees during this transition. In her memo to employees, Elhabashi assured those impacted by the layoffs that they would receive generous severance packages. This demonstrates Spotify's dedication to valuing its employees and ensuring their well-being during times of change.

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