Starbucks Workers Announce Strikes

Some organized Starbucks stores across the United States are preparing to go on strike


Some organized Starbucks stores across the United States are preparing to go on strike following a clash between the coffee giant and the union representing baristas. The dispute revolves around allegations that certain cafes were not permitted to display Pride decorations. The union, Starbucks Workers United, claims that workers in at least 22 states have been unable to decorate, prompting them to file an unfair labor practice charge against the company.

Starbucks Workers United Announces Strikes

Starting from Friday in Seattle, Starbucks Workers United has declared strikes at more than 150 locations throughout the U.S. The strikes are planned to extend over the next week and involve nearly 3,500 workers. Additionally, over two dozen more stores are currently voting on strike authorizations, potentially increasing the count to nearly 200 stores by the end of the week. The union's decision to strike stems from the disagreement over the alleged denial of Pride month decorations in Starbucks cafes.

Starbucks Denies Change in Policy

Starbucks responded to the union's allegations by stating that there has been no change in its policy regarding store decorations. The company reiterated its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community and encouraged its store leaders to celebrate Pride month. Starbucks clarified that local store leaders and employees have the autonomy to make decorating decisions within the guidelines outlined in the company's security and safety manuals.

Accusations of False Information

In response to the strike pledges, Starbucks accused Workers United of spreading false information regarding benefits, policies, and negotiation efforts. The company claimed that the union's actions were intended to divide Starbucks partners and divert attention from their failure to respond to bargaining sessions for over 200 stores. Starbucks shared a letter from its VP of Partner Resources, May Jensen, demanding that the union cease from knowingly misleading partners.

Worker Allegations and Unfair Labor Practice Charge

Workers United highlighted instances in at least 22 states where workers were allegedly prohibited from decorating their stores, backing their claims with evidence from social media accounts. The union filed an unfair labor practice charge against Starbucks, asserting that a change in policy had occurred. While some of the upcoming strikes are connected to this claim, it is important to note that not all participating stores had issues related to Pride decor.

Strike Motivations Extend Beyond Decorations

The strikes are not solely focused on the Pride decor dispute. Starbucks workers are also using this opportunity to voice their dissatisfaction with the company's handling of contract negotiations. Workers United accused Starbucks of stalling and lacking a genuine commitment to reaching mutually agreeable terms. The strikes serve as a message to Starbucks, emphasizing the workers' determination to address the delays in contract negotiations and alleged union busting.

Solidarity and Importance of Strikes

The solidarity of Starbucks workers is evident in their decision to strike, even in locations where Pride decor was not an issue. This unity aims to support all workers who have experienced discrimination within the company. Baristas feel strongly about their flags being taken down, as they value the visibility and community space that Starbucks should represent. The strikes highlight the significance of workers standing up against perceived injustices and delay tactics.

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