United Natural Foods, Inc. Announces Layoffs

United Natural Foods, Inc. plans to consolidate its four operating regions into three, resulting in the elimination of approximately 150 roles

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), a leading distributor of natural, organic, and specialty products, has recently announced a series of actions aimed at improving profitability, streamlining operations, and enhancing decision-making processes. The company plans to consolidate its four operating regions into three, resulting in the elimination of approximately 150 roles, mainly in management and supervisory positions.

Streamlining for Efficiency

Under the leadership of Chief Operating Officer Erin Horvath and President of Wholesale Louis Martin, UNFI has been focused on implementing its customer-centric strategy and driving four transformation initiatives to enhance efficiency and improve the customer and supplier experience. As part of this ongoing effort, the company has decided to streamline its operations geographically across the organization.

Regional Realignment

The regional realignment will involve consolidating the four existing regions into three: East, Central, and West. The new East Region will stretch from Maine to Florida and extend as far west as Tennessee. It will serve a vast network of more than 10,000 customers through its 22 distribution centers. Kelly Sosa has been appointed as the Region President, East, to lead this crucial region.

The Central Region will cover the area between the Mississippi River and the Rockies, spanning 21 states. With 16 distribution centers, it will cater to approximately 9,000 customers. Tandy Harvey will assume the role of Region President, Central, overseeing operations in this region.

Enhanced Decision-Making and Profitability

By consolidating the operating regions, UNFI aims to reduce administrative layers, simplify the company's structure, and facilitate faster decision-making processes. The decrease in layers of administrative management will allow leaders to have a broader geographic span of responsibility, enabling a more efficient and agile approach to serving customers with reduced complexity. These changes are expected to make the company more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

CEO's Perspective

Sandy Douglas, CEO of UNFI, expressed his confidence in these strategic changes, emphasizing that they are part of the company's ongoing transformation plan. He believes that the regional realignment will optimize UNFI's operations, resulting in increased efficiency and profitability. The CEO highlighted the importance of these changes in aligning the company's structure to better serve its customers and support its long-term growth.

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